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The RIGHTS E-course is a teachers/educators course that requires participants to be active at least a total of 30 HOURS on theoretical and practical aspects of addressing Global Citizenship Education subjects through the use of Digital Storytelling during a 3 months period. It also includes the development of digital stories produced by their students.

The E-course will include asynchronous and synchronous components mediated by an online course management system and supported by tutors.

Throughout the modules of the RIGHTS E-course, 'live' support will be available, by the tutors / trainers of the RIGHTS partnership.

They will be offering advice as content experts, socializing agents, facilitators, experienced learners, counsellors and role models and their role will be central to the learning process.


To participate in the RIGHTS course, you must:

1. be a secondary school teachers in Bulgaria, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey

2. have an intermediate knowledge of English language

3. have access to a computer and internet connection

To apply, please complete this application form and click SUBMIT.