RIGHTS e-course

rights naming RIGHTS e-course started in November. It aims at providing European secondary school teachers and students with a didactic methodology based on digital storytelling as a learning tool to promote the Education for Global Citizenship (EGC) in EU secondary schools, empowering teachers to experiment with new technology and rendering teaching and learning more up-to-date and interesting while allowing them to discover new ways to approach digital education and to be more active and aware as European and "global" citizens. For more info please click on the Outcomes button on this website and access the Course section.

EACEA Literacy website

rights namingThe RIGHTS (pRomotIng Global citizensHip education Through digital Storytelling) project has been chosen to be included in the EACEA literacy website!!!!

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CREATE, ACT, CHANGE: 5th International Digital Storytelling Conference and Exhibition

Conference: May 8th-10th, 2013

Exhibition: May 6th-10th, 2013,

The CREATE, ACT, CHANGE: 5th International Digital Storytelling Conference and Exhibition will be hosted by Hacettepe University, Faculty of Communication, in Ankara, Turkey in May, 2013. The conference themes will include but not be limited to:

Gender, Identity, Activism, Inclusion, Participation, Democracy, Community building, Intercultural encounters, Belief stories, Sustainability, Resilience, Health, Heritage, Voice, Social media and Online DST workshops. The conference will host various events in its structure for inclusion of more voices. There will be paper presentation sessions, individual digital story screening sessions and a digital story exhibition. For more info please do click on the link below: