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International seminar

In the framework of LLP the EU Commission approved and co-funded the TALETE Project. The Università degli Studi “Guglielmo Marconi”, as project coordinator, organized the International seminar “Science and maths: a new learning approach for pupils” held in November, 10th 2011. The event was attended the international experts in the field.


Please, see the programme.

Some news about the experts who attended the event :

Mariya Monova-Zheleva Doctor of Informatics (1968), studied Informatics, in combination mainly with Mathematics at the Sofia University “Saint Kliment Ohridski”, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics and obtained her masters degree in Informatics (1991). Additionally she is certificated for secondary school teaching (Informatics, Mathematics).Since 1992 she is a lecturer at BFU. In 2001 she started her post-graduate work at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The topic of her work is “Methods, models and algorithms for development of adaptive learning content for interactive learning environments”. The dissertation was successfully defended in 2006. E-learning expert.


Mr Jonathan Himoff is the CEO & Founder of Rezzable. He is an experienced IT engineering in 3D virtual world. He believes that web-based virtual world are the beginning of a very exciting direction toward the 3D Web, where a new type of interaction with information, content and people will be possible. The avatar will be the essential interface/guide/companion for this dynamic new environment.


Prof. Maria Guida holds a degree in Mathematics, a Master in “tutor in online learning environments” from IUL (Italian University Consortium) and a post graduation course in “IWB for teaching and communication” (University of Florence, Italy). a post graduation course in "CLIL- Content and Language Integrated Learning" (Universiti Ca' Foscari, Venice) After six years teaching Science in lower secondary schools in Naples and eighteen years teaching Mathematics and Physics in upper secondary school in Sorrento (Naples),  she is now working at ANSAS ( ex Indire) in Florence. Her main fields of interest are IBSE and other innovative practices in math and science teaching, especially with new technologies as well as teachers online collaboration in community of practice. Italian native speaker, she can communicate in English and Spanish. Maria has a ten year experience as teacher trainer in courses dealing with ICT. She was an eTwinning Ambassador and coordinator of three Comenius school partnerships on science topics. Now she is in the panel of Scientix and SPICE.


Mr Premysl Velek works at European Schoolnet (EUN) as the Web Editor / Content Manager of the Scientix portal. His responsibilities include creating and editing the portal content, liaising with Scientix members and participating in Scientix dissemination activities. He is also involved in other EUN science education projects, namely SPICE. Before, Premysl worked as Communications Officer at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (2005-2008) and later at the European Science Foundation in Strasbourg, France (2008-2010). He was in charge of a range of communication and outreach tasks: from coordinating web development projects, managing online content and media relations to producing information materials and organising public outreach events. He was also involved in several EU funded science communications projects (EC Framework Programmes, European Social Fund).