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Method. & Technology

The methodology, shared among partners, envisages several milestones production. A milestone will be represented by the research report: it will describe the criteria used by Consortium to select the international and national schedules on assessment of students’ skill on math.

On the base of these selected schedules Consortium will define the conceptual model in the TALETE training path report, an important milestone. It will design the pedagogical tools to be tested and the two virtual environments. In detail it will explain the research results concerning the pupils’ math skills assessment obtained by national and international surveys, educational objectives to be reached, the environments to be produced, the contents to be developed.

The project innovation regards the delivery modality (the e-learning platform and 3D virtual world) as well as the renewed pedagogy applied that uses an inquiry-based method (learn by doing) in order to support the mainstream pedagogy based on a deductive teaching.

At the beginning of the experimentation phase the e-learning course will be delivered to no. 8/10 teachers per involved country. After they will test the 3D environment in order to make them more familiar with the new technologies and to enable managing the innovative pedagogical tools and scenarios developed.

The TALETE e-learning course will explain the results of last international surveys, the previously selected schedules, the concept of the mathematization objectives, contents, methodologies focusing on the potential use of new technologies and their role as trainers of their students during the second phase of the experimentation.

The project intends to establish the balance between methodology and technology. In order to make the technology an added value, the teachers have to be enabled to integrate three components: technological mastery, learning resources available, knowledge/awareness of the educational objectives to be achieved.