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Università degli Studi “Guglielmo Marconi” (Italy)

Università degli Studi “Guglielmo Marconi” (USGM) is the first Athenaeum in Italy following the “Open University” model. USGM was established in 2004 by the Ministry of University and Research (MUR M.D. March 2004) as the first Italian open-university with the aim to spread and produce knowledge, giving everybody access to proper learning tools in Italy as well as worldwide.

The USGM adopts innovating learning modalities by developing suitable research strategies for most advanced technological solutions and by integrating non residential communication means (e-learning, chat, forum, videoconference, etc) with seminar activities (workshops, seminars, etc). The Open University model represents a driving factor within the information society, able to have strategic functions in professional training, knowledge production and spreading of digital culture.

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University of Thessaly (Greece)

UTH is the only higher education institution in central Greece. The University has 17 departments which are located at the four main towns of Thessaly. The University has an Engineering School with 11 Departments, a Medical School with 2 Departments, a Pedagogies School with 3 Departments, and a Physical Education School with 1 Department. The University enrols 10.000 undergraduate and graduate students and has staff of 1.000 which includes teaching, technical, and administrative employees.

UTH acts as a consulting organization to the municipalities and authorities in Thessaly in subjects including technology development and transfer and has close ties with the industry, professional organizations, the educational community, and administrative authorities in the area of Thessaly.



Kadikoy llce Milli Egitim Mudurlugu (Turkey)

Kadıkoy Provincial and District Education Directorate is a local, public and formal institution. The institution holds 477 public and private educational foundations which give every kind of educational service in our historical and multi cultural area. It has the oldest educational background that goes back before the foundation of the Turkish Republic and has a variety of schools and institutions that give every kind of education (Anatolian, fine arts, science, vocational and special education high schools). It has the highest amount of private schools and the highest schooling rates in Istanbul pre-school 86%, primary school 100%, secondary school 112% and it executes successful EU projects. The Ministry of National Education is structured into a central organization, provincial and abroad organizations and related organizations. Besides doing research related to guidance and psychological counselling services in the education training institutions, the following services are provided by “Guidance and Research Centers



AIM -Agency for Interculture and Mobility (Italy)

AIM was established in 2008 from a team of trainers working in the field of youth cooperation, non formal education and mobility. Its mission and main aim are recognition and implementation of non formal education and the bridge between the formal field and informal and youth world. The target groups are teachers, headmasters, students, youth people. Aim is structured into five areas: Project design, Training, Communication, International and Laboratories.

The association is partner since 2005 of the National network of schools “Educare all'Europa” (hereafter named “The net”) which is a platforms of public schools expert in international cooperation and development of the European dimension of teaching. This network aims to promote and start up experiential courses in order to realize a teaching for skills, to favour the merger among formal, non formal and informal education and the creation of innovative and creative learning environments.



Burgas Free University (Bulgaria)

Bourgas Free University of is one of the first non-state universities in Bulgaria, established in the biggest industrial and cultural centre in the south-eastern region of Bulgaria. The student body of the University is made up of about 8000 full-time and part-time undergraduates. The students receive training in Law and Business; Mathematics, Computer and Technical Sciences; Humanities. BFU has got well equipped computer and language laboratories. BFU is interested in enhancing its international relations with organizations and institutions all over the world. It has already forged good professional contacts with universities in the UK, Germany, Holland, France, Belgium, Greece, the USA, etc. Furthering e-learning is a high priority for the university. The leaders and staff of the university support and are actively engaged in adult education and the training of disadvantaged and unemployed people.


Razzable Productions Ltd (United Kingdom)

Rezzable Productions Ltd. was founded in 2007 in order to take a lead in establishing engaging users experiences and get the most out of new 3D web platforms as well as web services. The enterprise enriches the flat web converting into a pool of engaging, immersive activities. Expand the potential of users’ pc and encounter rich, relevant, engaging stories, facts and media while interacting with people from all over the world. Rezzable Productions creates and enhances Brands online by combining sophisticated content management with social web and virtual world technologies. Rezzable Productions Ltd, is a London-based educational 3D interactive content and software developer that is launching a new in-classroom teaching resource called Quest History in early 2011.