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Welcome to Talete Project



TALETE project aims at investigating different ways of the mathematics representations, in the topics, already, defined in the PISA, IEA TIMSS and National surveys concerning the maths skills of 15 years-old students. The worldwide surveys report that EU students often lack mathematical competence and key basic competences in science and technology. The learning of the mathematics literacy enables students to contribute effectively in actual society, improving their employment prospects. In this context, the project intends to develop with the teachers more attractive and fun pedagogical tools (serious game and machinima) for the maths literacy delivered in two virtual environments: e-learning platform and 3D world.

Comenius Thematic Meeting on Literacy, Maths & Science


The first Comenius Thematic Meeting brought together coordinators of ongoing and finished EU projects and policy makers providing a discussion forum to share experience and knowledge on Literacy, Maths, Science and technology. The meeting was attended by representatives of Comenius centralised multilateral projects and networks, Comenius decentralised projects, as well as other LLP actions, Leonardo and Grundtvig, and projects from DG Research.

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Final International Conference

Università degli Studi “G. Marconi” and AIM – Associazione Intercultura e Mobilità will be organising an international conference for teachers, headmasters, assistant heads and players in education. The event “will be held on the 17th of October in Rome at Università degli Studi “G. Marconi”.

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Experts interview

The International seminar “Science and maths: a new learning approach for pupils” held in November, 10th 2011 in Rome, was recorded and the video will be available as soon as possible on Marconi Channel.

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