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Comenius Thematic Meeting on Literacy, Maths & Science


The first Comenius Thematic Meeting brought together coordinators of ongoing and finished EU projects and policy makers providing a discussion forum to share experience and knowledge on Literacy, Maths, Science and technology. The meeting was attended by representatives of Comenius centralised multilateral projects and networks, Comenius decentralised projects, as well as other LLP actions, Leonardo and Grundtvig, and projects from DG Research.

The objective of the first Comenius Thematic meeting was to contribute to the development of EU policy in the fields and identify ways whereby future EU policy work may draw more systematically on results from projects and networks. Furthermore the aim was to exchange ideas, best practices and evidence-based conclusions on Literacy, Maths and Science, and to facilitate networking between participants. The meeting gave coordinators of projects and networks the opportunity to meet experts and policy makers in the relevant fields as well as representatives from DG EAC, DG RTD and EACEA.


 Brusseles, December 6-7, 2012



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