Rome, 13 June 2013: RIGHTS national Workshop "Citizenship, Creativity and Didactic in the Digital Era"

USGM organised the RIGHTS national workshop "Citizenship, Creativity and Didactic in the Digital Era" that was held in Rome at the Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi on the 13th June 2013. The event aimed to promote the RIGHTS project results and latest achievements among education authorities, teachers and a wider audience.

During the event some innovative projects funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme focused on the ICT and creativity in the education were also promoted, among which:

GENIUS logo Plagiarism Or Creativity: Teaching Innovation Versus Stealing.
logo def Digital education for Enhanced Editorial Products.
mk scene ProfeSsional development for an effeCtive PBL approach: a practical experiENce through ICT-enabled lEarning solutions.